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Strength Training: Why Prioritizing Strength Will Lead To Overall Greater Health?

Why Prioritizing Strength Will Lead to Overall Greater Health

Why Prioritizing Strength Will Lead To Overall Greater Health

By Andy on May 31, 2018

Do you find yourself worrying about maintaining your fitness levels? As we get older, it seems these goals can be harder to reach. However, staying healthy and fit at any age is possible, as long as we use the correct tools to get the job done. What worked 10+ years ago as a teenager or college student probably will not be as effective today. However, with the help of the right tools, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness, strong body, no matter your age.

Strength Training Benefits

Strength training is a crucial element of any fitness program. It is a known fact that lean muscle mass reduces with age. The adage “use it or lose it” counts here — use those muscles, or lose them. There are many benefits when you incorporate weightlifting, one of the most effective types of strength training, into your fitness routine. These include:

  • developing strong bones,
  • maintaining a healthy weight,
  • managing, or preventing, chronic pain conditions,
  • enhancing your quality of life,
  • sharpening your thinking skills,
  • protecting against lean muscle mass loss,
  • disease prevention,
  • boosting energy levels and mood,
  • reducing stress, and
  • higher caloric burn.

Types of Strength Training

Ultimately, strength training increases your metabolism more effectively than any other exercise. Want to be able to eat like a teenager, even on your off days? Build lean muscle mass. It’s a proven fact that increasing your resting muscle mass results in a higher metabolism. Strength training can include a wide variety of exercises, not just weightlifting. Strength training can include:

  • yoga,
  • Pilates,
  • body weight routines,
  • resistance bands,
  • free weights, and
  • weight machines.

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