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Why CrossFit is the BEST Way to Use Functional Training

Why CrossFit is the Best way to Use Functional Movement

Why CrossFit is the BEST Way to Use Functional Training

By Andy on October 01, 2017

How CrossFit utilizes the basics but keeps it fun!  Why CrossFit is the BEST Way to Use Functional Training

If you haven’t read our previous article – “7 top exercises that really impact day-to-day life”, click on the link and check it out!  Now, if you want to apply those movements in your workouts, then you have to take a look at CrossFit right away.

This week, we’re going to give you the top 5 ways that CrossFit incorporates these movements to get life-changing results.  Sound good?  Great, then here we go!

1. You’ll NEVER get bored with CrossFit –  If you’re like most of us, we’ve started on a workout program with the best of intentions…only to find we’re bored after a few weeks of the same thing.  One of the basic tenets of CrossFit is “constantly varied” and it’s taken seriously!  Although CF is based mostly on the functional movements previously discussed (squats, deadlifts, pull ups, power cleans, bench press, lunges and push ups), you’ll never be getting the same work out twice.  Using creative rep and set schemes to get great results, in less time, for more fun is the goal of all CrossFit workouts.

2. Good Coaching is vital to being safe and effective-  And CrossFit has some of the very best in the world!  If you are going to the right gym, your CrossFit coaches will be experts on how to perform each functional movement safely first, then how to get better at each one to just increase the results.  There are TONS of qualifications out there but nothing works better than a smartly designed program that covers the basics first.  Great CrossFit gyms all have some kind of beginners program that makes sure you are moving safely BEFORE you start worrying about adding weight or moving faster.

3. CrossFit can cut out the guesswork-  If you’ve heard of functional fitness before, then you’ve probably heard that squats, deadlifts, push ups and pull ups can help you get fit.  But how often should you do them?  How many times per week for each movement?  How many sets, how many reps?  You won’t have to figure any of this out for yourself, it’s given to you with all of the science behind it to deliver a great workout.

4. It will show you how to scale your movements to work out ANYWHERE-  Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to go to the gym” or “I travel a lot”.  Don’t worry, CrossFit shows you how to adapt to your environment, your equipment and your own needs so that you can complete awesome, fun workouts wherever you are.  I’ve personally done workouts on a beach, in a hotel room with nothing but a suitcase, in a park, in my garage…and each one was different, fun and really tough

5. You get to be part of a community –  Just talk to any CrossFitter, not only will he/she likely look great, they’ll talk your ear off about it!  That might sound a little annoying, but having a community that supports you, can relate to you and can help with motivation is INCREDIBLY powerful.

It can be easier if you’re part of a gym, but the CrossFit community is global now so even if you do it from your own home, there are TONS of places to chat with others about your experience, how you’re doing and what everyone else is getting up to.

The research is clear:  having support leads to better results.

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