Weight Loss

Use our tried-and-tested formula to lose weight!


Does this sound like you?

- You want to look and feel GREAT in 2020

- You want to lose up to 5kg of body fat in just 6 WEEKS

- You aren't afraid of COMMITMENT- we want you sticking around for the full 6-weeks so you can get great results

- You're a team player who is happy to train in a fun, supportive environment

- You feel frustrated with your lack of progress and you want to turn it around

- You want to get in shape without being restricted and sacrificing your social life

- You're ready, willing and able to INVEST IN YOURSELF for great results

- You want to follow a program that is PROVEN to get results

If the answer is yes, you're an ideal fit for our kick-ass 6-Week Transformation Challenge.

Nutrition Program

If you haven't heard it before, then it's time to realise: nutrition make up at least 80% of the results you'll get, no matter what training you do. We know that it can be a minefield out there: What should I eat? When should I eat it? Are carbs good or bad? Should I be using low-fat milk?

We strip all of this information (and misinformation) down for you and provide no-nonsense, easy-to-follow nutrition plans. After our initial discussion, we will put together a plan for your needs and guide you through it with the help of our entire coaching team. Need to change something? Don't worry, our plans are adaptable to any nutritional demands you might have.

Don't worry, we are also not going to force you to starve yourself or weigh your food for every meal or even stop eating out. Your eating habits need to fit around your life- that's why we are giving you a new plan to eat for life?, not a short-term diet.