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Wall Walks – How to Make Them Suck Less!

WW’s are awful, almost as bad as World Wars. BUT, with a few insights, you can move them further down your blacklist. Read on to find out what Coach Marnus recommends in order to be more efficient.

Shoulder strength and mobility is absolutely crucial when it comes to managing big weights overhead. Ensure that your shoulders have the mobility and range to allow your arms to go straight overhead (your Triceps in line with your ears at the very least) whilst keeping your back straight.

Once this box is ticked, making sure your shoulders are primed and warm is the next step. The shoulder has a number of muscles that move the Humerus (i.e. arm) in different directions and help stabilize the joint – the Traps; Rhomboids and Delts being only 3 of them. Scapular Push and Pull-ups; External rotations; W-Y’s and Lightweight Presses are a good start to getting them ready.

Additionally, your core needs some lovin’ too. Being able to keep your trunk and hips braced and straight will conserve a lot of energy.


  1. Take a big step up the wall before you start to walk your hands back.
  2. Drive your hips UP, so most of your weight stays over your hands and shoulders.
  3. Keep pushing away from the floor. This ensures all the shoulder muscles are engaged and joints stable.
  4. BRACE! Squeeze your belly and your butt throughout the whole rep.
  5. Start with smaller steps, then increase the distance of each once you gain confidence.
  6. Don’t spend too long upside down. The longer you stay inverted, the more fatigued you’ll get and the harder it is to breathe, especially whilst braced.

This all seems easy enough on paper, but applying it when your world is upside down might not be”.

Thanks Coach Marnus!

If you’re still struggling to master these demons, click here or simply reach out to one of our coaches and book a quick 15 min PT session to help you pinpoint what you might be missing.