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Reyhana Sallie

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Reyhana Sallie


Reyhana Sallie, Fitness Trainer


Meet Reyhana Sallie, Dubai’s fitness powerhouse with a decade of experience in the industry and a heart as big as her kettlebells. Hailing from sunny South Africa, she’s been making Dubai her home since 2008! 

Reyhana is more than just a fitness enthusiast; she’s a certified Post and Pre Natal coach, CrossFit Level 1 aficionado, and a Performance Coach. She’s got the know-how to whip you into shape and help you achieve your fitness goals. But it doesn’t stop there – Reyhana’s love for CrossFit took her all the way to South Korea and Copenhagen as a part of the Regional CrossFit team in 2015 and 2016. She’s been setting the bar high and lifting it higher ever since! 

When she’s not crushing it at the gym, you’ll find Reyhana chasing after her adorable 3-year-old Jaden and her dynamic duo of dogs, Joey and Milo. It’s a workout in itself! And if that’s not enough, she’s a creative genius outside the gym. Arts and crafts are her jam, and she’s a baking wizard in the kitchen, whipping up storms and delicious treats.

Most of the Iconic Fitness crew know her as the “CrossFit mum” – always ready to lend a hand, whether it’s taping your hands, replenishing your electrolytes, or sneaking in a quick video or some awesome photos.

Behind the scenes, she’s the mastermind of social events, throwdowns, and competitions

Rey is your go-to for fun and fitness, all rolled into one. And if you bring your kiddos to the gym, she’s got that covered too, coaching and playing with them simultaneously! 

Reyhana Sallie: Where fitness meets fun, and every workout is an adventure!