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Hannes-Ras Loubser

Hannes Personal Trainer

Hannes-Ras Loubser


Hannes-Ras Loubser


Hannes is a sports specific conditioning and rehabilitation specialist. He’s always had a deep interest in movement mechanics and went on to study Kinesiology, Human Movement Sciences, and Sports Conditioning at university. CrossFit’s focus on optimizing efficiency in movement made it a natural fit for Hannes.

Hannes truly appreciates the moments that come together when members realize the effects of the hard work and hours that go into making a healthier life. Making a difference in people’s lives is what he loves about being part of the Iconic Fitness team.

Hannes is a Rehab, strength and conditioning coach from South Africa.

For the past 16 years he has bridged the gap between fitness and rehab by focusing on improving the health of his clients with specific medical considerations.

If you want to lose weight but suffer from back pain, knee pain, hypertension and just all round niggles then Hannes is your guy!

‘The best part about being in Fitness, Rehab and Education here in Dubai is meeting so many people from different countries and backgrounds and hearing their stories’, I’ve had the pleasure of training and helping people from over 120+ different countries. Sharing my thoughts, theories and methods with well over 1000 personal trainers and coaches via certifications and qualifications have been just one of the ways I like to make the world a healthier and happier place one spine at a time’.