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TheraBand Exercises – The Banded Deadlift

TheraBand Exercises - The Banded Deadlift

Bands, Bands and More Bands!

In this article you will learn of the extraordinary benefits resistance bands have and the possibility they have for athletes when trying to become more proficient or stronger in their training.

Thera-bands, commonly known as just “bands” can be an integral part of any program. Regardless of whether you have just signed up for CrossFit at your local box, a small group private training (like Transformation) or personal training. Therabands can take any barbell or dumbbell focused program to the next level by simultaneously increasing intensity and efficiency.

How Theraband Works?

Well, one way is how it changes the resistance. By attaching the band on one end, and the barbell or dumbbell on another, these therabands change the resistance curve dramatically of any lift.. This change focuses the athlete to work hard through the entire range of motion (ROM) of the exercise. Alternatively, if you have an athlete who struggles to understand in which way their bodies need to move in order to create movement, the band’s resistance can be used to push or pull the athlete in the direction they need to be going. 

No matter your current fitness level, resistance bands can meet your specific needs. To keep it simple, we will look at how a theraband could be used to help resolve issues found in the deadlift. 

Using Therabands in Conventional Deadlift

Think of the standard barbell Deadlift. As the athlete drives the barbell up from the ground to the hips, the athlete is forced to continue pushing the ground away from his body via his legs. As the bands get increasingly stiffer, making it more difficult to fully extend the legs and push the hips forward to a fully standing position. This means that the athlete is forced to push through the entire movement even when reaching a fully standing position. This could solve the issue that your athlete may have if he struggles to complete the full range of motion of the deadlift. It will also help him push the floor away and use his legs rather than his back or chest, like many newer athletes struggle to do. Lastly, it also could help the athlete push their hips back in order to maintain the resistance of the total load of the barbell

Using Therband in Dumbbell Deadlift

Alternatively, with the dumbbell athlete, if we position a theraband in front of the athlete’s hips and ask them to start with the dumbbells in a hanging position, the athlete is forced to drive his hips backwards in order to lower the dumbbells down to the ground, which could resolve the issue of bending the knees before pressing the hips back. 

These are just two examples, how the theraband can be used to not only improve the ROM of the movement but also as a solution to fixing issues within movement, like the ability to press the hips back before bending the knees in a deadlift

TheraBand’s are not only limited to the deadlift, we can use them for variations of squats, presses, pulls and many other lifts. It is however important to note that a lot of time and preparation is needed to use TheraBand’s. So, if you are a coach make sure to create a plan for your athletes and teach them how to set up the bands so they can work effectively with them. Ultimately, bands are great for all fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike because they are multi functional, cheap and don’t take up much space, and you can even transport them easily in your gym bag. So you can always hit a good workout, with or without a fully equipped gym. 

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Yulia Davey – “Coach Yoolz”

The newest addition to the Iconic Fitness Coaching Team, Coach Yulia has a passion for helping people and a determination to transform the fitness experience for all who step on the gym floor. Having a systematic approach to a constantly varied training system in her CrossFit classes she is able to help members across all levels. Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been training for a longer period, Coach Yulia’s number one goal is to help you find the key to unlock the next level in your journey. Whether that means stripping back to the basics, or adding in a drill before or after class. She will have the system to let you achieve your goals easily and accessible.  When she’s not coaching CrossFit, you’ll see her in the morning coaching semi-private personal training, known as Transformation, or having one of her personal training sessions with a client. This is not a coach that just shows up to work , this is a coach that works so you can just show up and enjoy the journey!