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Why Daily Mobility Might Be the Most Important Part of CrossFit!

At the first thought of CrossFit, images of grueling workouts, heavy lifts, and super sweaty cardio sessions probably come to mind. While strength and endurance are both essential components, there’s another crucial aspect that is very much underrated, and often overlooked: MOBILITY. Daily mobility work could very well be THE most important part of your […]

Hannes Personal Trainer

Coach Hannes: An Iconic Legacy of Inspiration!

It’s quite a bittersweet reality, having to bid farewell to a colleague who has become so much more than just a co-worker, but also a friend, confidant, and source of inspiration. But as with any story, there are several chapters, all of which must end at some point so that the next can begin, and […]

Peter's Journey From Working Harder to Training Smarter

Peter’s Journey: From Working Harder to Training Smarter

One of the first things Peter ever said to me was, “My favorite childhood memory is having energy,” and it has stuck with me. Working harder may not always be the best thing. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, view things from a wider perspective, and build back up from there. Life in […]