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Success Stories

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Ahmed Safadi (Transformation and Injury Rehab)

“Hannes you are a magician, for the first time in 10 years I can run without pain, you’ve really changed my life.” Ahmed Safadi

Ahmed Safadi has been a member of our Low Back Fix program for over 18 months.? His story is incredible:

Ahmed was involved in a car accident 18 years ago. During surgery they removed 2 lumbar vertebrae.

As time passed he accepted a life with discomfort, numb legs, aching back, pain and gradually stopped training and his health, posture and wellness declined?

Ahmed is a senior accountant and works excessive long hours daily and spends about 10 hours a day sitting which further worsens his condition. Ultimately he woke up in August 2018 barely being able to walk and joined Iconic Fitness via referral from a friend.

Ahmed has been on the lower back fix program for 6 months now and has increased his strength, mobility and fitness considerably. He is pain free and can spend hours playing with his sun on weekends bending down, lifting him and rolling around without pain.

Ahmed can now do compound movements close to 100%? of his body weight without pain. He can run for 20 min for the first time in a decade. ?His life has changed. ??

In this time Ahmed has lost:

  • 4 cm around his chest and shoulders
  • 9 cm around his waist
  • 11 cm around his hips
  • 9 cm around his thighs
  • 3 cm around his arms
  • 10 % fat loss
  • 8 kg weight loss
  • 3 kg lean mass increase

“Hannes you are a magician, for the first time in 10 years I can run without pain, you?ve really changed my life.” ? Ahmed Safadi


Dimitris Vergos Low Back Fix

“These guys at Iconic have training down to a science, explaining all the methods so that you have confidence in them, its easy to trust their expertise.”- Dimitris Vergos

“Dimitris Vergos has been with us here at Iconic pretty much since the beginning.? There’s nobody more consistently upbeat than Dimi.? And this Iron Man accomplishment from where he started…truly inspirational.? Dimi is THE MAN!- Andy Harper, Owner at Iconic Fitness.

“Dimitris originally joined the lower back fix program after he injured his lumbar spine over a period of a few months while lifting heavy weights, admittedly without paying attention to proper form. He also had thoracic spine issues, shoulder issues and knee pain. His main goal was to be injury-free, fit and strong enough to support his active lifestyle.? He enjoys surfing, kite surfing, cycling, visiting mountain ranges and mountain climbing when in Europe for business.

He spent 6 months on the lower back fix program while we paid attention to all his fitness needs and injuries. After 6 months he was injury free and was already lifting much heavier weights than he did in the last 12 months with good form. In this time he lost :

  • 11 cm around his waist
  • 9 cm around his hips
  • 6 cm around the thigh area
  • 3 cm around his arms
  • 6 cm around his chest
  • 8kg body weight in total
  • 6 % body fat
  • Gained 3 kg lean mass
  • 6 kg fat loss

After a successful rehab program, I asked him to start thinking of a performance goal he would like to achieve. My thoughts were for him to start returning to the active lifestyle he once had and test his new-found abilities. My thoughts were for him to perhaps build up to a 10 km race, adventure race or a cycle event.

He thought about it and said he wanted to complete a full iron man. I was a bit shocked as he just completed a rehabilitation program and we only had 10 months to prepare.? Additionally, he had never done a triathlon before, not even a small one.

We spent the next 10 months on strength and conditioning exercises to prevent any future injuries, while also conditioning the body to sustain adequate movement patterns. Iron Man Triathlons force the body to withstand grueling 13 hour races with repetitive actions.

10 months later he successfully completed the Iron Man, injury-free. During this time he successfully maintained a stable body weight and an average body fat % of 18%. He followed his programming daily even when traveling. Dimi diligently planned his weekly business trips around his training by booking into hotels that had access to Olympic size pools so that he could stay consistent.

He now has his eyes set on 2 half Ironman races in the near future in Dubai and Greece in the early stages of 2019. – Coach Hannes

To learn how you can join our Low Back Fix Program, click here!

*Update- He has now completed 3 Ironman races overall*

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Joe Dagher (Service and experience)

I would definitely recommend Iconic Fitness to anybody who asks. First of all, the coaches know what they’re doing? I’m not the only one who’s lost weight here. Second, the program ?from the exercises to the diet plan ? seems to have been created for people who wouldn’t otherwise be into fitness. It is very easy to follow and there’s a Facebook support group to make it even easier. Basically, if I can do it, literally anyone can; before the program, my idea of unwinding? after an entire day of sitting down at the office involved more sitting down at home, as well as KFC, Pringles and binge-watching Game of Thrones till I fall asleep. People who are more advanced in terms of fitness can also find challenging classes and programs here.

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Ghadeer Jaamour Eita (Service and experience)

Without you Hannes, and the positive energy from the 2 ladies training with me I wouldn’t have done it! Thank you all! Massive big fat hug to all of you.

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Anna Rolf (Nutrition plan)

I am proud to say that for the first time ever I can look at this quote and say…that this doesn’t apply to me! Here’s to my one year anniversary with iconic fitness!?

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Robert Harker (Previous struggles)

I use to struggle with diet and discipline. I was very stressed and busy at work, also moving from job to job is so stressful and eating habits were based only on emotional eating. I had a lack of knowledge and no expertise of how to do it, the internet doesn’t help either as the information is so contradicting.