Simply put, CrossFit is the “sport of fitness.” Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. CrossFit has turned the boring, mundane yet necessary task of “working out” into a sort of game.

Now it’s time to break out and maximize your true potential. We train your body to be capable of taking on any physical challenge life throws at you. Don’t want to make more than one trip into the house with an armload of groceries? We’ve got you covered. Need to sprint across the parking lot at work so you’re on time? No problem! Want to jump over tall buildings in a single bound? We can work on that too.

CrossFit Elements

Have you heard CrossFit is great and you’d love to try it out…but you’re afraid that you aren’t fit enough or won’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Iconic Elements program!

In two weeks, this program will introduce you to everything that you need to know to join in with our CrossFit classes. You’ll learn the basics of all the fundamental body-weight movements (squats, push ups, pull ups, etc). Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll move to learning the best way to lift weights safely and effectively. You’ll also get nutritional tips and an introduction to our amazing community at Iconic Fitness!

Strength and Conditioning

If you’re interested in specifically getting stronger, lifting heavier and doing more pull ups than ever before, this is the program for you. We have specifically crafted this program after years in the fitness industry to help you smash through any plateaus and get you performing better than ever.

It’s a fact that every other type of fitness and sport is improved if you improve your strength! That doesn’t mean you need to get bigger (although we can help with that too), just increase your strength to body weight ratio. And your fitness doesn’t need to suffer! Using barbells, sleds, tire, sandbags and just about anything else you can think of, we’ll get you great results and have a blast doing it.

Programming to gain strength (while maintaining a great base of fitness) is an art- and in the realm, we are like Picasso. Follow our programming and we promise your performance will be better than ever!