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Post Workout Recovery: CrossFit Open

The Crossfit Open is in full swing and those of us who have done the first workout will know just
how big of a dent it leaves on your body, your weekend and your training for the next few days.
To help get you back on track, with whatever your daily lives require, we have compiled a short,
but detailed list of techniques and tricks you can (and should) follow post-CrossFit workout
especially the ones during the worldwide Open.

    Everyone always preaches about how valuable and necessary hydration is. Although none of us
    are doing the Marathon des Sables, ­what you put back into your body after any workout, especially
    an Open, plays a very big role in how fast you recover. A celebratory beer or cider might be all
    that you crave after your soul has re-entered your corps post wod. And you know what, you
    deserve it. You worked your ass off – spoil yourself. Just don’t let it be the first thing that you
    guzzle down. Alcohol has been shown to impair protein synthesis in your muscles (not good), so
    drink some water first, then have some more. Fruit juice is great too. Wait an hour (or 2), have
    some food (more about that below) and if you’re still craving those hops, don’t deny yourself a
    little joy.
    Almost as important, is what you choose to refuel “the machine” with. Fries and chicken tenders
    might be the only thing that catches your eye, but how hard your body has to work to break it
    down and the nutritional value you’ll get from it is not ideal. If, and where possible, try to refuel
    with some easily digestible carbs or something with a high glycemic index (white rice, root veg,
    even couscous if you want to be fancy) and some lean meat (feathered or finned, even eggs are
    great). It won’t put too much strain on your digestive tract and you’ll avoid the food coma you’d
    get from fried/fast food.

  • MOVE
    Next, you have to move. If you can do it right away, wonderful. But we know how hard it is to
    even get your tormented body up off the floor, never mind doing more work. But it doesn’t have
    to be work. 20-30% effort on a bike or a rower for 3-5 mins is enough. Just let your body
    gradually cool down and let your heart rate descend from the peaks that you asked it to work at.
    It helps. A LOT.

    If not immediately, then the next day. The same level of effort as above, but you’ll have to spend
    a bit more time there. 20-30 mins. Some bodyweight exercises work wonders if you’re feeling
    particularly stiff.


    • Do your best to get a good night’s rest after your CrossFit Open workout. We all know this is the
      optimum time for recovery, but what we forget is that depriving yourself of sleep impairs your body’s inflammation response and the hormones that aid in muscle recovery. So if you’re goin to go ‘OUT-out’, don’t do it on the Friday night after the workout.

    Not really. But cold – or cryo therapy has been heavily researched and is incredible at promoting
    recovery if you can handle it.
    Ice baths (or cold plunges) are not for the faint of heart, esp if
    you’re chillin’ at the recommended <11°C (see what I did there), but will do everything from
    decreasing soreness and inflammation to improve mood and circulation and release some well-
    deserved endorphins.

    • If the near arctic temperatures are too much, ‘Contrast Water Therapy’ is the next best thing. Basically immersing yourself in very hot then very cold water.

These highlight a few, but certainly not all, of the methods we have tried and tested and what
experts believe to be the best ways to recover
after a life-threatening (aren’t they all?) Crossfit
Open workout.

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