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I jiggle when I run

I Jiggle when I run

I jiggle when I run…..but at least i’m running

By Andy on November 11, 2015

Each and EVERY ONE of us has the amazing ability to adapt, you only need to do one single thing, and it all starts with just one step, one single step, just SIMPLY GET STARTED!

Don’t see PERFECTION, it’s important to have goals, to see the six-pack and the curvy figure, but this takes a long time, it takes hours of dedication. Instead, start off by seeing PROGRESSION only.

It’s not a competition against other people, all YOU have to do TODAY is better than you were yesterday.

Give yourself one week, only one week –  you will start feeling better, sleeping better, feel more energized, and soon be motivated to train more often as you will become more and more aware that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD. It can be FUN.

A lifestyle is established when one engages in an activity often, once, twice, three times a week, and in time hopefully on a daily basis.

If these exercises still sound NEW and unfamiliar to you, then there is a whole new world of NEW and FUN ways to train: Inchworm, towel walks, fairy punches, atomic push-ups, corn cob pull-ups, side traveling monkeys, muscle-ups, side twists, halve moons oblique bends, preggy crunches, forward running apes, crab walks, pistol squats, iguana walks, side traveling planks, Albert abs, side push-ups, moss balls, hollow rocks, plank jumps and my favorite – Claudia’s silkworms.

The list goes on, there is NOW today more creative ways of assisting you in staying active than EVER BEFORE.

Finishing a work out first thing in the morning, means you have already ACCOMPLISHED something big for today, you were good to your body and well being, and that means you were good to absolutely everything you OWN.

‘I’m ready, I want to do this, but exercise is complicated’ – yes it can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. Take it easy, start off by running, and if you dislike running, try the 20-30 minute workout ( only takes 2% of your day) that will establish a firm base for strengthening.

Get UP, start TODAY!

Coach Hannes

Iconic Fitness, Dubai Marina