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From China to CrossFit: Alice Piccioni’s Evolution

From China to CrossFit: Alice Piccioni's Evolution

From China to CrossFit: Alice Piccioni’s Evolution

At Iconic Fitness, we’re thrilled to share the story of a woman whose life is a testament to passion, discipline, and ongoing evolution. Alice Piccioni, formerly a standout Italian soccer player on a local team in China, has always led a life marked by activity and challenge. Her transition from the soccer fields to intense hybrid/functional training sessions was already impressive, but it was her encounter with CrossFit that marked the beginning of a new era in her life. Alice wasn’t just looking to stay active; she craved something that would challenge her strength, endurance, and heart in a completely new way. What drives an athlete experienced in the dynamic worlds of soccer and functional training to the doors of CrossFit? The answer lies in a mix of curiosity, a desire for improvement, and the search for a community that shares her passion for the limits of human performance. Join us as we dive into Alice’s journey within the world of CrossFit, an adventure that not only redefines what it means to be an athlete but also showcases the power of community, resilience, and personal transformation.

Welcome to Day One

Have you ever heard that CrossFit is for everyone, but not everyone is for CrossFit? Well, in this case, it was love at first sight (on both sides). After living in China for 9 years, fate brought Alice to the doorstep of the gym because someone mentioned there was a place to train near her new home, and that’s how she found what today is her training home. Without a clear idea of what CrossFit entailed, she expected a “Beast Mode” ambiance with everyone doing their own thing, but oh, surprise! It was completely the opposite; she made good friends, and here she was the one to bring Beast Mode to the table.

Resilience Paying Off

But wait, not everything is rosy. Remember, in CrossFit, you always find something you’re good at and things you might not be so good at. In this case, Alice found her Achilles’ heel. The sacred gymnastics on bars, the blessed pull-ups, and worst of them all, coach Mukti every time handstand push-ups are on the menu. But this is precisely where resilience and constant practice make her stand out. As we know, there are many movements that seem impossible the first time you try them (Double Unders, Kippings, Snatch, Clean & Jerk, HSPU, etc.), but once you get the hang of it, instead of “weird,” they start to feel “fun”.

From China to CrossFit: Alice Piccioni's Evolution

Until a few months ago, Double Unders were more of a punishment than an exercise for Alice. However, in the past Open 2024, she was one of the athletes with the best performance in the entire gym, proving that doubles aren’t as hard as they seem. The same story goes for “Handstands”; the first time we tried was an afternoon that, had we recorded every failed attempt, we could have made a viral blooper video. However, she probably feels more comfortable upside down than standing normally now. These are simply two movements she probably never thought she’d do and are no longer a challenge, and the list goes on.

When we asked her what the difference is between this new stage and the programs she’s followed before, she said:

“Is quite social and friendly space which is the environment I was in before and I wanted to keep. But is well balanced with the coaches’ technique level and there’s that spark of competition sometimes that pushes you a little more. I like that there are many techniques to learn and that gives you something to look forward and improve.”

From the Gym Floor to the Competition Floor

Shortly after starting to train, the first moment to test her fitness arrived, and what better way to do it than at home. Our annual Iconic Throwdown came in November and, guess which team won? That’s right, she kicked the door in, taking 1st place alongside Eddie and Rami (Experience, youth, and power combined). This paved the way for her to not think twice about signing up for the Hyrox competition in February with Naomi, making an impressive showing and holding high the name of Iconic Fitness.

From the Gym Floor to the Competition Floor

The CrossFit Open would take place the following month with three weeks of different types of workouts to measure the level of fitness worldwide, and even knowing there would be movements that would make her suffer, she entered fearlessly and did an incredible job. Less than a year after starting to train, she knows what the thrill of competing and giving it your all is like. A thrill that, I must admit, for many can be a fear of losing… not for her.

Goals to Conquer

One of the biggest challenges Alice has faced from day one has been upper body strength, she said so herself (a very common problem among the female sports population), both pull and push exercises, but guess what? They are also improving. As we said before, strict pull-ups are her nemesis, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid of them (well, she was during the Open, but we all were, lol). And now, all that’s left is to keep improving them.

Toes to Bar are the next goal, and we’re on the way to working on it. By the end of 2024, let’s hope to look back at this exercise the same way we now view a Handstand or D.U.

To wrap up this segment, we asked Alice what advice she would give to someone who is starting or wants to start, and this is what she said:

“To go with an open mind and not be intimidated. You’ll always find more technically skilled and advanced people around in any gym, but that can be the benchmark instead of making you feel uncomfortable. Everyone started somewhere. No pressure, keep pushing :)”.

If you liked this article or know someone who might be interested in starting their own CrossFit journey, feel free to share it. And remember, at Iconic Fitness, we’re here to support you every step of the way on your path to a healthier, more active life! Click here now and let Iconic Fitness help you make your own evolutionary story.