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“From Challenge to Triumph: Nik’s CrossFit Transformation”

Over the past couple of months, there is one Iconic member who has certainly been standing out for making some incredible changes, not only in his appearance, but also his discipline, work ethic and most definitely his time management! In case you hadn’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Nikhil Naik. We were interested in finding out more about what sparked this transformation, and what has kept the fire burning. Here’s what he had to share!

How It All Began

Nik’s fitness journey with Iconic started back in 2015. Bored with his regular gym routine and with his basketball crew disbanded, he was looking for something new. Inspired by CrossFitters he saw on social media, specifically those flipping giant tires, Nik decided that he too wanted to do that.

One evening, Nik and his wife Anna were exploring Marina and found CrossFit Duo right in their building. Coincidence? I think not! “Anna called the gym, and Reyhana, patiently handled all her questions,” Nik recalls. Though the gym didn’t have the heavy tires he dreamed of flipping, Reyhana’s patience and thorough answers won them over instead.

First Impressions and Long-Term Commitment

Nik initially joined the beginner sessions, assuming they would be easy, to which he was quickly proven otherwise! The classes left him breathless, revealing that CrossFit was indeed the challenge he needed, and he hasn’t looked back since.

The group classes and sense of community created a collective motivation that pushed him to keep going, and seeing others on their journeys was inspiring, further assuring him he wasn’t the only one on a mission to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of greatness. Andy and Reyhana also helped in making everyone feel welcome, just like part of their family. “The trainers made the sessions fun and engaging. Now, with the addition of Marnus, Mukty, and Emma, the gym continues to have that same heart”.

Weight Loss Journey

During the pandemic, Nik hit his heaviest at 116kgs. But losing weight had never been a problem for him, however crash dieting only got him so far – he gained all the weight back, and with a vengeance. Through trial and error, he finally found a sustainable plan that worked. Nik’s weight loss journey has been slow and steady, but also effective, and we can certainly vouch for this!

It started with a mindset change, as well as committing to several new habits, including waking up early everyday and heading straight to CrossFit, and eating as healthy as possible, with the occasional treat here and there. Simple habits such as these helped Nik lose up to 30kgs in a year. He also added early morning walks to the beach and a midday gym session to his daily routine.

Staying Consistent

Nik jokes, “Don’t have kids, haha! But seriously, family responsibilities can be overwhelming.” Focusing on personal growth makes it easier for Nik and Anna to prioritize themselves and plan their week effectively. Setting goals that he can achieve at regular intervals has also been key. “My first goal was to do a pull-up. Each time I reached a goal, I set another to keep me motivated,” he shares. Most recently, he aimed to do a handstand. and a couple of months ago – he did it!

To best manage time, Nik and Anna have a schedule for their weekdays. Switching off from work after 6PM, and dedicating time for chatting, reading or watching TV, followed by an early bedtime, allows them to get up early and start their day on the right foot. Here are a few of Nik’s tips for those struggling to find time for exercise:

  • Set Achievable Goals: Break down your fitness journey into small, attainable goals.
  • Prioritize and Plan: Make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Find Your Motivation: Set goals, consistently, that inspire you.
  • Make It Fun: Incorporate activities you enjoy to keep things interesting.

Working Out with His Wife

Nik’s wife Anna has always been dedicated to fitness, starting her own journey with Yoga and Stretching classes. However, she wanted to improve her functional strength, so Nik recommended CrossFit. Though initially apprehensive, she has now embraced the world of burpees, barbells, and handstands.

“Having her around has been immense. She possesses the superpower that we Geminis lack – focus,” Nik shares. Before Anna joined, Nik lacked discipline, but her involvement has provided the added push he needed. “Arriving at the gym half an hour early allows me to work on my goals effectively,” he says. Even though this is just the start of her own CrossFit journey, Nik believes Anna will surpass him in most exercises. Her dedication and focus are inspiring, and training with her has been a game-changer.

Impact on Personal and Professional Life

Since joining Iconic Fitness, his mindset, confidence, and overall well-being have drastically improved. CrossFit has transformed his body and fortified his mind, teaching him determination, patience, and the importance of community. Nik has also learned several other important lessons in CrossFit:

  1. Nobody cares: Leave your ego at the door.
  2. Don’t compare: Your Level 2 is not the same as their Level 20.
  3. Taking it easy is okay: Sometimes your body needs rest. Today might not be the day, and that’s fine.
  4. Quality over Quantity: 10 lighter reps with perfect form is better than 10 sloppy PR lifts.
  5. Scaling is not failing: Scale when needed.

Advice for New Members

“Many of us have unrealistic expectations, not only from our CrossFit experience but also from ourselves,” Nik says. He advises remembering always that this is a slow and steady journey. He furthermore explains that consistency is key to success and requires dedication over time. It’s important to be patient with yourself, and set realistic goals that align with your body’s capabilities ensures sustainable growth. And be sure to engage with your fitness community, as this provides invaluable support and encouragement throughout your journey.

“Enjoy the journey and celebrate every bit of progress!” he encourages finally. Well done Nik, we are super proud of your efforts. Long may your journey continue!

If you too are keen to take the leap, to try something new and different, and make some serious changes that promise to improve both body and mind, click here. We’re ready if you are!