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Fat Loss with Convenience

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How to lose weight while being social, eating with freedom and still enjoying your favorite drink

Losing unwanted weight is simple: eat less, train more, drink lots of water, and ensure you get good rest. Most people know this, yet most fail. Simply because we like convenience.

Everyone wants to lose weight as long as it’s convenient for them or is willing to lose weight as long as it doesn’t take too much effort. We are creatures of habit, and we will always return to our old and largely unhealthy habits if we aren’t consciously aware of our actions and routines. Thus, to make weight loss a success, you simply have to create a habit by following two simple rules.

These 2 rules I propose will result in weight loss while you can still have a social life, eat largely what you want, and not live on only soup and steal oats. The more drastic the changes are in a diet, the fewer chances there are of success. My proposal is to follow two basic rules and not make too many drastic changes.

The two rules are:

  1. Eat within your allocated calories,
  2. The majority of your food needs to be protein

It’s that simple.

Let’s discuss how to put this approach into practice in a very simple manner with just a few steps:

  1. Determine your calorie allowance.

You can get this information from a number of sources or websites. As an example, I’ll use a 65-kg female as an example:

  1. 65kg female who is sedentary: 1359 calories
  2. 65kg female who is somewhat active: 1502 calories
  3. 65kg female who is very active: 1645 calories

Check out this cool video on all you need to know about calories and how the two simple rules will fix all your calorie problems.

  • Determine what percentage of your calories should be made up of proteins.

As an example, if you are largely inactive and want to lose unwanted weight, your diet should consist of around 42% protein. If you are somewhat active, your protein intake should consist of around 38% of your total calorie needs.  If you are very active and train most days, your protein amount can drop to around 34% of your total calories.

Check out the importance of protein:

  • Accurately tracking your food:

What about fats and carbs? This is the beauty of it: as long as you keep to your allocated calories and hit your protein target, your body isn’t fazed with the amount of fat and carbs that remain.  The goal is to create a simple method by which you can lose weight without overdoing the admin and tracking.

You have to know how much you are eating. If calories in exceed calories out, you will gain weight. So be sure you know how much you are eating. Once you have tracked your eating habits for the week and ensured you hit only your calorie and protein targets, you’ll notice that your carbs and fats sort themselves out within your allowance

Here is a very cool and easy way to track your food for just one week so that you are aware of how much you are overeating / undereating your target calories:

Move away from overcomplicated meal plans and what you should eat at what times of the day. Keep it simple: enjoy life, eat what you want as long as it stays within your allocated calorie amounts with your protein target, and you’ll soon see the results.

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