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“Don’t Judge a Workout by its Weights: Debunking CrossFit Myths”

Don't Judge a Workout by its Weights Debunking CrossFit Myths

As someone who has worked and trained in a predominantly Bodybuilding world for most of my fitness career, my views and opinions of CrossFit were for a long while based only on what I saw, read and heard. I was very much guilty of “judging the book by its cover”, or perhaps in this case we could say, “judging a workout by its weights”, as since stepping onto the CrossFit scene and into a CrossFit box, I have come to realize how many of my previous perceptions were actually grand misconceptions. Just like many others I had fallen victim to several myths surrounding this incredibly exhilarating fitness regimen, leaving me with the conclusion that CrossFit is definitely not for me.

From assumptions about CrossFit ‘gyms’ being places where heavy objects are recklessly tossed around, to concerns about all the injuries that result from such cave-man behavior, there’s no shortage of skepticism when it comes to CrossFit. However, having now experienced the true reality firsthand, it’s time to shed some light on some of the most prevalent myths about this very exciting and beneficial world that is CrossFit.

  1. MYTH: CrossFit athletes are super athletic, competitive, and egotistical meatheads.
    First of all, and contrary to popular belief, CrossFit boxes are not exclusive clubs for Zeus like characters with chiseled physiques and rock hard abs, who are always in competition to look or perform better than one another.

    In my experience, especially here at Iconic Fitness, the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and supportive, with members of all ages, body types, and fitness levels working TOGETHER towards their own individual goals – something I have come to learn is one of the most paramount and beautiful characteristics of any CrossFit box and the community thriving within.
  2. MYTH: CrossFit is dangerous and causes injuries.
    While there may be accounts of injuries associated with CrossFit workouts, the reality is this – the risk of injury (in any kind of physical activity) depends more on the individual and proper technique (or lack thereof) rather than the fact that it happened in a CrossFit environment. Pushing too hard, not warming-up correctly, or simply forgetting to leave your ego at the door – can always result in injury.

    Therefore, through a combination of responsible coaching and gradual progression, CrossFit can be one of the safest and most effective ways to improve fitness. Furthermore, and hold onto your hats for this one folks – CrossFit can actually help PREVENT injury! By implementing and practicing functional movements and exercises that imitate movements performed in our daily lives and tasks, you’ll be better prepared to carry heavy boxes or pick up the kids without worry or difficulty!
  3. MYTH: CrossFit uses weird and made-up acronyms and words that make no sense.
    This one may have some truth to it, as CrossFit definitely has its own unique vocabulary, filled with creative acronyms and terms that can be intimidating and confusing to newcomers. EMOM, AMRAP, RFT, DU, OH, KB, and 1RM to name a few. We’re also talking jerks, snatches, and cleans (which doesn’t involve any kind of broomstick or soapy chemical).

    But embracing this new, ‘foreign’ language is all a part of the fun, and adds a sense of camaraderie and humor to the experience. While the terminology may seem daunting at first, it soon becomes second nature, and proves to be a unifying element, making you feel like a real part of the tribe.
  4. MYTH: CrossFit workouts are too short to be effective.
    CrossFit sessions can unquestionably deliver a highly effective workout in a short amount of time – a truth that you will know for sure if you’ve ever done CF yourself. As a matter of fact, CrossFit was originally designed to challenge the mentality of “more is better”, by having the intent of being short in duration but high in intensity.

    While traditional workouts may span several hours, CrossFit’s emphasis on high-intensity and interval training (as opposed to high volume) allows for maximum and efficient calorie burning and muscle engagement to be achieved in as little as 30 minutes. This makes it especially ideal for those short on time, but still wishing to prioritize physical activity and achieve their fitness goals.
  5. MYTH: CrossFit will make women big and bulky.
    Engaging in CrossFit workouts WILL NOT automatically lead to big and bulky muscles. While observing professional CrossFit athletes and bodybuilders might spark concerns about gaining excessive muscle mass, it’s crucial to understand that achieving a physique such as this requires a lengthy period of time, comprised of strict adherence to specialized diet plans and fitness routines (so ladies, unless you’re planning on devoting the next couple of months to training like Tia Toomey or Sara Sigmundsdottir – you’re safe!).

    In reality, CrossFit offers numerous benefits for everyone, such as improving overall fitness, enhancing strength and endurance, boosting self-esteem, and triggering the release of endorphins, often referred to as “happy hormones”, and no one can say they wouldn’t like more of that!
  6. MYTH: CrossFit hurts, A LOT!
    CrossFit workouts are designed with the aim of pushing participants to their limits, which naturally results in intense physical exertion (which ironically ends up being one of the things loved most by CrossFitters). The idea of such discomfort may be intimidating or even discouraging, but really it’s a testament to the effectiveness of the workouts. It also provides you with the opportunity to go above and beyond what you thought you were ever capable of, and this is where the real magic starts happens and goals are achieved!

    Embracing the challenges presented by each AMRAP or EMOM furthermore leads to improved endurance, strength, and mental toughness, ultimately enhancing overall fitness levels. And if its the pain that follows the workout that is truly worrisome, fear not – by incorporating a proper warm-up and cool-down routine, as well as adequate hydration, and rest, you can safely manage and reduce soreness whilst still maximizing the benefits of CrossFit training.

CrossFit continues to grow in popularity, despite the above mentioned myths that have evolved and been blown wildly out of proportion. So instead of basing your opinions on stories or experiences found online or buzzing around your current gym, leading you to the final conclusion that CrossFit is either extremely dangerous, pointless, or definitely not for you – why not do your own research. Locate a few CrossFit boxes in your area and check them out!

Perhaps you will realize that all the stories were correct, and CrossFit is certainly not for you.. but perhaps you realize that with CrossFit, your life will never be the same again. Perhaps you realize that CrossFit can in fact change your life for the better, improve your confidence and health, and utilize workouts that provide excitement and variety within the usual boring gym routines, that will furthermore allow you to become even stronger, fitter, and better than you ever imagined, whilst being encouraged and supported by your new found family that emerges from any CrossFit community.

I’ve really done all I can to debunk the myths, now the rest is up to you. Stop simply judging the cover and read the dang book!

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