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Functional Training: Cycling, Weights and Running – Do Them All

Cycling Running Weight Why not do them all

Cycling, Running, Weights… Why not do them all?

By Hannes Loubser on December 17, 2017

You have 645 muscles in your body, and the more you use at the same time the more calories you burn, the more you can lean up and the higher you can push your heart rate and metabolism through the roof. Why would you then focus on exercises like a simple bicep curl where you use a handful of muscles.

Functional training prepares you for life. Lifting boxes, lifting objects over your head prepares you for parenthood, carrying groceries and mowing the lawn. These activities may seem trivial but ALL clients I see that have knee, shoulder and back injuries complain about annoying pains when performing daily tasks. When you are strong overall, you can do just about anything and you can’t get injured.

A very interesting study was done where a bunch of people were asked to enroll in fitness classes for a few weeks and were asked to perform all 10 decathlon disciplines to see what fitness class would prepare one best to perform in the most diverse sports in the Olympic games. Sprinting, jumping, running & throwing were all tested. Of all the fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Aerobics and boxing- The fitness class with the most carry over to other sports was the one that included kettle bell training. It completely crushed the other classes in testing. In fact the top 10 finishers were all from the kettle bell class study. The main reason for this is that kettlebell trainings focuses on strength, power, endurance, joint stability, and all these are performed through the hip girdle and spinal column, incorporating all the muscles at the same time.

Functional fitness prepares you for life.

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