"CrossFit Open 2024: The What, The Why & The How" | Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina JLT

“CrossFit Open 2024: The What, The Why & The How”

CrossFit Open 2024: The What, The Why & The How

We asked our very own Coach Marnus to share with us his insights on the CrossFit Open – here’s what he had to say!

“The Open is an annual worldwide online competition. Well, some call it a competition, but we believe it is what YOU want it to be.

Once a week, for 3 weeks, CF HQ release a workout for the worldwide CF community to do in their own gyms. The announcement is made on a Friday morning (that is, Friday for us here in the UAE), and athletes have until Monday night to do the workout and submit a score online. We, Iconic Fitness, as an affiliate, will be throwing down on a Friday night from 17:00 every week starting on March 1st. We like to call it “Friday Night Lights” (we don’t own the phrase, we just abuse it).

Us coaches will run a briefing, explaining the movement standards, scales, loads, and strategies prior to the heats, of which there are usually 3 or 4. Each athlete competing will have a judge to help count reps and make sure you squat your butt down below parallel. He/she might also ‘encourage’ you to move at a reasonable pace and remind you that you’re not dying, contrary to what the voices in your head are telling you. We aren’t here to blackmail or bully anyone into doing the Open. We will, however, tell you that it is a great way of keeping you accountable to your training for the next 7+ weeks. All of us stay more dedicated to our training if we have something to train for. All of us sleep a little more and booze a little less if we know our fitness and skills are going to be put to the test.

There are a hundred more reasons to do it, but the one we always cling to is comradery. Other than our annual end-of-year Throwdown, there is no other event that is fueled with as much energy and ‘good vibes’ as an Open day. The cheers, the music, the sweat and suffering, and ultimately, the successes are all shared and celebrated. And that makes it something truly special”.

So whether you’re a CrossFit newbie, seasoned competitor, loyal fan or supporter, the CrossFit Open is for YOU! To register for the CrossFit Open 2024, follow the link below: