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Creative exercises that do absolutely everything – The Mountain

Creative exercises that do absolutely everything – The Mountain

By Andy on November 11, 2015

At Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina, we provide an ideal program that offers conditioning to all areas of your body that doesn’t repeat any sets. All exercises are only done once.

The Mountain!

This workout offers something different. No monotony and you move through each and every exercise quickly. It’s ideal for those days that you hate to repeat exercises.

You only have 50 minutes to complete this workout. Try going without stopping except for the odd sip of water. See how far you get and ensure you stop after 50 minutes. I would advise that you only do this workout once every 3 weeks. Try to get through more exercises every time you give it a go!

I’ve added links to the most uncommon exercises to ensure you do them correctly

10 Reps each:

  1. Side bends ( 10 per side)
  2. Moss balls
  3. 10 Inch worms

20 Reps each:

  1. Jumping pull-ups – instead of doing a pullup, simply jump up and try getting your chin over the bar. the harder you jump, the less effort on your arms.
  2. Rope assisted pistol squats (20 per leg)
  3. Inverted Rows – if this is too hard, bend your legs
  4. Burpees

30 reps each:

  1. Back squat (Bar only)
  2. Step-ups, complete 30 reps with one leg before you switch legs
  3. Lateral jumps
  4. Hand releasing Push-ups ( start with straight legs, and bend knees when exhausted)
  5. Dips (start off with straight legs and bend them when exhausted)
  6. Kettlebell swings
  7. Thrusters
  8. Side push-ups

40 reps each:

  1. Side plank walks (40 steps in total)
  2. Rope Rows / TRX rows
  3. Overhead lunges ( 40 steps in total)

50 reps each:

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Crunches
  3. Frog crunches


60 reps each:

  1. Air squats ( squats with no weights)
  2. 60 seconds plank
  3. Mason’s twist
  4. Half squats


100 reps each:

  1. Star jumps

200 reps each:

  1. Skipping rope


Coach Hannes

Iconic Fitness

Dubai Marina