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Weight Loss: Common Misconceptions About Carbs

Weight Loss- Common Misconceptions About Carbs

Common Misconceptions About Carbs

By Andy on June 28, 2018

These days, it seems like there are a lot of fad diets that aim to reduce your carbohydrate intake, touting it as an effective way to control your weight. However, these “low carb” or “no carb” diets leave a lot to be desired, and can negatively impact your exercise routine. The body uses carbohydrates as fuel during a workout, and a low carb diet can cause you to feel exhausted and force you to lessen the intensity of your workout. Furthermore, in the absence of carbohydrates, the body breaks down lean muscle mass to get to glycogen to power your workout. This directly contradicts the desire to build a toned, lean, fit body.

Are Carbs Really The Problem?

Carbohydrates are not really the problem – it’s the type of carbs you consume that is! Processed carbohydrates include carbs found in processed foods, white flour, and anything with added sugar. These carbs are absorbed quickly, and burned quickly, creating the “rush” and “crash” we often associate with sugar. Other rapidly absorbed carbs include white carbs – bread, rice, potatoes, sugar, and fruit juices. These processed and refined carbs are less satiating and will leave you craving a snack sooner.

Processed Carbs Versus Complex Carbs

However, not all carbs are bad — fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates provide your body with necessary fuel for intense workouts without triggering an insulin response that encourages your body to store fat. Most people do not get enough of these as is. Complex carbs include vegetables, fruits, legumes, and even some whole grains. High-fiber carbs from these whole food sources give your metabolism a temporary boost due to taking longer to digest, resulting in a higher caloric burn.

Tips To Following A “Good” Carb Diet

Building your diet around good, healthy, complex carbs is a sure way to get the results you seek, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Diet food that you do not eat or do not enjoy leads to the ill-advised dieting yo-yo. For a healthy relationship with carbs, remember to:

  • eat colorful fruits and veggies
  • eat more veggies than fruits
  • consume whole grains, but in moderation
  • combine complex carbs with protein to reduce hunger
  • avoid low-fat foods
  • replace processed foods with whole foods

Ultimately, carbohydrates can be used as a tool to up your fitness game, and improve your overall health. For more information on a healthy diet plan, contact us at Iconic Fitness today!