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I Jiggle when I run

I jiggle when I run

I jiggle when I run.....but at least i'm running By Andy on November 11, 2015 Each and EVERY ONE of us has the amazing ability to adapt, you only need to do one single thing, and it all starts with just one step, one single step, just SIMPLY GET STARTED! Don’t see PERFECTION, it’s important [...]
Glute Bridge-Hip Extension

Glute Bridge – Hip Extension

1 exercise to super power your strongest muscle By Andy on April 21, 2016 Glute bridge targets the strongest muscle in our body, the glutes which we used in so many movements, exercises and performance activities, so why neglect it? If you could choose 1 exercise to do the rest of your life then squats may [...]
Why High Intensity Training is better than long cardio

Why high intensity training is better than long cardio

5 Reasons Why High Intensity Training Provides Better Results Than Long-Steady Cardio By Andy on November 05, 2017 The number one reason clients come to us is to lose weight. And if I ask most people the best way to lose weight, I still hear that “cardio” is the best way. When I dig in [...]
Why Crossfit is NOT right for you

Why Crossfit is NOT right for you

Why Crossfit is NOT right for you By Lorian on November 11, 2015 You’ve been going to class every day for MONTHS, maybe even YEARS.  But… You STILL can’t do a pull up (strict OR kipping) You’re squatting pretty much exactly what you were squatting 3-6 months ago Your Olympic lifts are showing very little, [...]