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Fat Loss with Convenience

How to lose weight while being social, eating with freedom and still enjoying your favorite drink Losing unwanted weight is simple: eat less, train more, drink lots of water, and ensure you get good rest. Most people know this, yet most fail. Simply because we like convenience. Everyone wants to lose weight as long as […]

Jump Rope Mastery: Conquering the Double Under Challenge

Jump Rope Mastery: Conquering the Double Under Challenge

Introduction How many of you have ever felt that pang of disappointment during the CrossFit Open when you can RX every workout except for those pesky double unders? It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? Well, fret not, because we’re here to help you conquer and master those elusive double unders! What Exactly Are Double Unders? Before […]

Peter's Journey From Working Harder to Training Smarter

Peter’s Journey: From Working Harder to Training Smarter

One of the first things Peter ever said to me was, “My favorite childhood memory is having energy,” and it has stuck with me. Working harder may not always be the best thing. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, view things from a wider perspective, and build back up from there. Life in […]

Post Workout Nutrition

Post Workout Nutrition

One of the questions we as coaches get asked most frequently is “What can I take after my workout?”.For those of you that are still wondering, here is a “How to… What…, and When” Guide to Postworkout nutrition. This article will educate you on what to consume after your workout to speed uprecovery, promote growth […]

pattelar tendonitis fix your knee pain

Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee) – Fix Your Knee Pain

If you are feeling knee pain on top of the kneecap, then this one is for you, you may be suffering from jumper’s knee. Patellar tendonitis / jumper’s knee is a very dynamic condition as it’s not easy to pinpoint and isolate the problem so we need to look at the hips, knee and entire leg as […]

Abhishek Banjeri: The Journey to Well-being at Iconic Fitness

Abhishek Banjeri: The Journey to Well-being at Iconic Fitness

Welcome to Iconic Fitness, your go-to destination for personalized training in Dubai Marina. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s through weight loss, strength building, or overall well-being.  Abhishek Banjeri: The Journey to Well-being at Iconic Fitness Welcome to our Iconic Fitness blog, where personal transformation and well-being are […]


Choosing Your Running Shoes: Are Super Shoes the Perfect Solemate?

“Super shoes” have become a big topic in the running community in recent years, with both professional athletes and casual runners praising their capacity to improve performance. This subject gained more attention when Eliud Kipchoge broke the sub-2-hour barrier in Vienna in October 2019 by running a time of 1:59:40 for the full marathon distance. […]