Building Strength and Confidence: Eunha’s Journey into CrossFit at Iconic Fitness | Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina JLT

Building Strength and Confidence: Eunha’s Journey into CrossFit at Iconic Fitness

Building Strength and Confidence Eunhas Journey into CrossFit at Iconic Fitness

Join us as we dive into Eunha’s incredible fitness journey. From escaping the South Korean pandemic measures to finding her fitness oasis at Iconic Fitness in Dubai, Eunha shares her story about discovering CrossFit and how it’s transformed her life.


We all know how challenging it can be to find the perfect fitness routine. Eunha, hailing from South Korea, had her own unique path in the fitness world before stumbling upon CrossFit at Iconic Fitness in Dubai. Her story isn’t just about getting physically strong; it’s also about finding confidence and a sense of accomplishment. In this blog, we’re going to take you through Eunha’s experiences, her introduction to Iconic Fitness, and the impact CrossFit has had on her life.

A Unique Background

Before she landed at Iconic Fitness, Eunha had a pretty interesting fitness background. She once worked as a personal trainer and even became a Les Mills Bodypump instructor. She’s also got a certificate in pilates. Her quest for the perfect balance of strength, endurance, and flexibility was a persistent one, but she felt that traditional workout routines had their limitations. That’s when she stumbled upon CrossFit.

Discovering Iconic Fitness

Eunha’s path to Iconic Fitness was a bit of a happy accident. She and her husband, Woongki, both belong to Iconic Fitness. Woongki runs a risk analysis and consulting business, and Eunha helps him with finances and paperwork. They made a temporary move to Dubai in June 2021 to escape the strict public health measures in South Korea during the COVID-19 pandemic. As luck would have it, Iconic Fitness happened to be one of the few CrossFit spots in the Dubai Marina area where they were staying.

The Thrill of Achievements

What really gets Eunha pumped about her fitness journey is that post-workout feeling of accomplishment. The buzz she gets is absolutely incredible. On top of that, CrossFit has made a significant impact on her self-image, making her feel strong and confident every single day.

What Makes Iconic Fitness Stand Out

Having experienced gyms all around the world due to their globetrotting lifestyle, Eunha recognizes the special sauce that Iconic Fitness brings to the table. According to her, Iconic Fitness shines because of its well-crafted workout plans, top-notch coaches, and the warm community it fosters. In a city like Dubai, where people come and go, Iconic Fitness is a place where you can build meaningful connections in the blink of an eye.

Balancing Work and Workouts

Eunha faces the challenge of working in different time zones while still making room for regular workouts. Her secret? Putting workouts at the top of her to-do list and arranging everything else around them CrossFit workouts are the core of her daily schedule, ensuring she never misses a session.

Proud Achievements

In the past year, Eunha has achieved some pretty impressive fitness milestones. She recently nailed 50 unbroken double unders and mastered toes to bar. In addition to her remarkable achievement of mastering double unders, Eunha has been on a roll, setting numerous personal records (PRs) during the recent programming cycle. She achieved a 160-pound front squat, 105-pound on bench press and push press. Not stopping there, she conquered 125 pounds of clean and jerk. These accomplishments speak volumes about her dedication and the incredible progress she’s made on her CrossFit journey. Eunha’s commitment to pushing her limits and reaching new milestones is truly commendable, and it’s a testament to what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

Advice for Aspiring CrossFitters

To anyone thinking about joining Iconic Fitness or stepping into the world of CrossFit, Eunha has some fantastic advice. While CrossFit may look intimidating to beginners, it’s essential to realize that it’s not just about being a muscle-bound machine. Flexibility is just as crucial as it helps prevent injuries and improve your movements. Eunha wants you to know that flexibility isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you can develop with dedication and practice, just like any other aspect of CrossFit.


Eunha’s journey into CrossFit at Iconic Fitness in Dubai is a testament to the transformative power of a holistic fitness program. Her story is a source of inspiration for anyone looking for a balanced and fulfilling fitness journey that not only enhances physical health but also boosts self-confidence. Iconic Fitness has proven to be the ideal place for her to achieve these goals, offering well-structured workouts, experienced coaches, and a supportive community. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting out, Eunha’s journey reminds us that with dedication and the right guidance, you can achieve your fitness goals and lead a healthier, more confident life.