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“CrossFit Open 2024: The What, The Why & The How”

We asked our very own Coach Marnus to share with us his insights on the CrossFit Open – here’s what he had to say! “The Open is an annual worldwide online competition. Well, some call it a competition, but we believe it is what YOU want it to be. Once a week, for 3 weeks, […]

Varun’s Journey

“Varun’s Journey: An Iconic Transformation Story of Fatherhood, Business and Overcoming Injury in the Pursuit of Overall Wellness”

Varun’s journey towards his Iconic transformation began at a pivotal moment in his life: turning 40, embracing fatherhood, and navigating a bustling professional career. The incentive for change stemmed from a joint decision with his wife to make the most healthy transformation possible. Ioannis (his trusted Physiotherapist and friend from Kinesis, who he had been […]

Is CrossFit the right fit for me?

Is CrossFit the right fit for me?

So, it’s the new year, and with that comes a ‘new’ you, some new resolutions, and perhaps anew training plan to ‘get you back on track’ (as much as I hate that phrase, it’s not inaccurate).You’ve done Yoga and you’ve had your share of HIIT classes. Spinning is fun, but it doesn’t helpyou lift your […]

Getting Back into the CrossFit Gym after Christmas Break

Getting Back into the CrossFit Gym after Christmas Break

Hey there, fitness pals! So, you’ve just had the best time ever during the Christmas holidays, and now you’re eyeing that neglected workout routine like, “Uh-oh, here we go again!” Don’t sweat it—literally. If you’re chilling in Dubai Marina and looking to revive your fitness mojo, we’ve got the scoop on our awesome CrossFit haven. […]

Fat Loss with Convenience - Cat Before Coffee After Coffee Two Photos And Text Meme.

Fat Loss with Convenience

Reaching your weight loss goal should be complicated, follow these easy few guidelines and be sure to get to your weight loss goals safe and effectively.

Jump Rope Mastery: Conquering the Double Under Challenge

Jump Rope Mastery: Conquering the Double Under Challenge

Introduction How many of you have ever felt that pang of disappointment during the CrossFit Open when you can RX every workout except for those pesky double unders? It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? Well, fret not, because we’re here to help you conquer and master those elusive double unders! What Exactly Are Double Unders? Before […]

Peter's Journey From Working Harder to Training Smarter

Peter’s Journey: From Working Harder to Training Smarter

One of the first things Peter ever said to me was, “My favorite childhood memory is having energy,” and it has stuck with me. Working harder may not always be the best thing. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, view things from a wider perspective, and build back up from there. Life in […]