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From China to CrossFit: Alice Piccioni’s Evolution

From China to CrossFit: Alice Piccioni’s Evolution At Iconic Fitness, we’re thrilled to share the story of a woman whose life is a testament to passion, discipline, and ongoing evolution. Alice Piccioni, formerly a standout Italian soccer player on a local team in China, has always led a life marked by activity and challenge. Her […]

CROSSFIT AND CREATINE – Benefits and more

We have all heard about it. Heck, most of us have tried it, some have stacked it, Mukty even uses it to sweeten his coffee (it’s disgusting; don’t do it, kids). But what exactly is this wonder dru… uhh…,  -supplement that athletes are using? How does it work? Will it make me chunky? And how […]

Debunking back pain myths How to prevent back pain during CrossFit

Debunking back pain myths: How to prevent back pain during CrossFit

For the past 20 years, I’ve hardly met anyone who lives and trains well and suffers from back pain. A healthy and strong body usually has a healthy back. If you want to keep your back safe, live safe. Preventing back pain is not about wrapping yourself up in cotton wool and not participating in […]

Post Workout Recovery: CrossFit Open

The Crossfit Open is in full swing and those of us who have done the first workout will know justhow big of a dent it leaves on your body, your weekend and your training for the next few days.To help get you back on track, with whatever your daily lives require, we have compiled a […]

Wall Walks – How to Make Them Suck Less!

WW’s are awful, almost as bad as World Wars. BUT, with a few insights, you can move them further down your blacklist. Read on to find out what Coach Marnus recommends in order to be more efficient. “Shoulder strength and mobility is absolutely crucial when it comes to managing big weights overhead. Ensure that your […]