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Back squats vs Front squats

Back squats vs Front squats

By Andy on November 11, 2015

Recently while training my clients at Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina, I was asked what is the difference between the Front and Back squats. One is not more superior to the other because they both target the major muscles in your lower body such as your booty, oh yeah! However, it also depends on what your training goals are and the flexibility in your joints.

Back squats for instance; you can add a much heavier load to the bar where many athletes feel this is more effective for muscle gain and strength. This movement requires less flexibility in your joints, glutes, and ankles.

Front squats require more flexibility than back squats. For example, the upper back needs to be mobile to keep your chest up, the shoulders and wrists need to be flexible to rest the bar. The lower back and glutes need enough mobility to perform a mature squat while keeping the knees in line with the toes. Most importantly the mobility in your ankles; will allow your feet and heels to stay firm on the ground.

Performing squats generally builds stronger muscles that lead to power, endurance, agility, and speed. I always encourage these movements for my clients and I include them in my training too. The additional benefits to these movements are:

  • It will give you a firmer butt, YES that’s what we want!
  • It can reshape your legs
  • Makes you stronger

So the next time you are in the gym, grab a bar and squat!