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TheraBand Exercises - The Banded Deadlift

TheraBand Exercises – The Banded Deadlift

Bands, Bands and More Bands! In this article you will learn of the extraordinary benefits resistance bands have and the possibility they have for athletes when trying to become more proficient or stronger in their training. Thera-bands, commonly known as just “bands” can be an integral part of any program. Regardless of whether you have […]

consistency is the key Iconic Fitness Dubai

CrossFit: Consistency is the Key

Why does my coach keep saying ‘Consistency is Key’? Consistency is the key. We coaches throw around that phrase like accountants throwing numbers together on an Excel document. As if it was just as simple as that. What does consistency really mean? And why is it so important? And finally what door does this key unlock?  While we all […]