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CROSSFIT AND CREATINE - Benefits and more

Crossfit and Creatine: Benefits and More!

We have all heard about it. Heck, most of us have tried it, some have stacked it, Mukty even uses it to sweeten his coffee (it’s disgusting; don’t do it, kids). But what exactly is this wonder dru… uhh…,  -supplement that athletes are using? How does it work? Will it make me chunky? And how […]

Recovery Post CrossFit Open

Post Workout Recovery: CrossFit Open

The Crossfit Open is in full swing and those of us who have done the first workout will know justhow big of a dent it leaves on your body, your weekend and your training for the next few days.To help get you back on track, with whatever your daily lives require, we have compiled a […]

Is CrossFit the right fit for me?

Is CrossFit the right fit for me?

So, it’s the new year, and with that comes a ‘new’ you, some new resolutions, and perhaps anew training plan to ‘get you back on track’ (as much as I hate that phrase, it’s not inaccurate).You’ve done Yoga and you’ve had your share of HIIT classes. Spinning is fun, but it doesn’t helpyou lift your […]

Jump Rope Mastery: Conquering the Double Under Challenge

Jump Rope Mastery: Conquering the Double Under Challenge

Introduction How many of you have ever felt that pang of disappointment during the CrossFit Open when you can RX every workout except for those pesky double unders? It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? Well, fret not, because we’re here to help you conquer and master those elusive double unders! What Exactly Are Double Unders? Before […]

Post Workout Nutrition

What to Eat After a Workout: Post Workout Nutrition

One of the questions we as coaches get asked most frequently is “What can I take after my workout?“.For those of you that are still wondering, here is a “How to… What…, and When” Guide to Postworkout nutrition. This article will educate you on what to consume after your workout to speed uprecovery, promote growth […]