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Personal Training Why I Became a Coach

Personal Training: Why I Became a Coach

I’ve been involved in the coaching and educational side of coaching for 15 years now. And as I’ve come to realize as a coach time and time again as in any industry one needs to ask yourself why you wake up in the mornings and why you do what you do. The Japanese take it […]

Knee Pain Series - where do you feel the pain

Knee Pain Series – Where Do You Feel the Pain?

Correctly identifying the area on the knee where your have pain will determine the exercises you need to include. This is the final part of our knee pain blog series. We have had great feedback and its great to see people using the insights to live a more active and pain free life. In parts […]

Osteoarthritis-Fix your knee pain

Osteoarthritis – Fix Your Knee Pain

If you have pain inside of your knee and have limited motion, this one is for you. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a different condition than the previous 3 knee conditions we discussed. Although OA is a condition where the long-term symptoms can be managed by means of exercise and change in lifestyle,  it is a mainly […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome-Fix your knee

Iliotibial Band Syndrome – Fix Your Knee Pain

If you have pain on the outside of your knee and leg, you may be suffering from ITBS / Iliotibial band syndrome and this one is for you. If you are foam rolling the outside of your knee then I'll show you why its better to stop doing that. What is ITBS The IT band [...]
Patellar Femoral Syndrome - Fix Your Knee Pain

Patellar Femoral Syndrome – Fix Your Knee Pain

Do you have knee pain walking down stairs? If so you may be suffering from PFS / Patellar Femoral Syndrome. During this series 4-part series we will take an in depth look at the 4 most common knee issues and conditions people face. We will examine the causes, guide you through corrective exercises and show […]

Is the time up for leg raises?

Is the time up for leg raises?

Why it’s time to consider a safer alternative I recently lead a discussion at the registered exercise professionals forum about spinal wellness and awareness as a trainer and how we need to act with integrity when protecting our clients. The leg raise exercise came up and the safety and effectiveness of the exercise. It’s an […]

What is a CrossFit workout?

What is a CrossFit workout?

What is CrossFit workout? You just signed up for your first CrossFit class! You’re a bit nervous, as all you’ve heard of or seen on social media platforms is these extraordinarily fit men and woman throwing themselves on to the ground yearning for just one last breath. It’s daunting, I know as I was once like you at the [...]
3 Reasons Banded Pull ups Aren't Enough

CrossFit: 3 Reasons Banded Pull ups Aren’t Enough

We all know pull ups can be really tough. Yet it's a movement just like squats, deadlifts and presses that need to be part of any person's training regimen. Admittedly it is the toughest one to conquer. Many of us resort to banded pull ups as it seems like an easy way to finally conquer that [...]
increase performance through dynamic stretching

Increase Performance through Dynamic Stretching

Using the Incorrect Stretching Method Can Decrease Your Performance We all grew up knowing the importance of a decent warm up routine with stretching. What we didn’t know back then was that static stretching (by holding an arm or leg in a certain stretched position over time) wasn’t the best way to prepare for an […]