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Author: Emma le Roux

“From Challenge to Triumph: Nik’s CrossFit Transformation”

Over the past couple of months, there is one Iconic member who has certainly been standing out for making some incredible changes, not only in his appearance, but also his discipline, work ethic and most definitely his time management! In case you hadn’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Nikhil Naik. We were interested in […]

Why Daily Mobility Might Be the Most Important Part of CrossFit!

Why Daily Mobility Might Be the Most Important Part of CrossFit!

At the first thought of CrossFit, images of grueling workouts, heavy lifts, and super sweaty cardio sessions probably come to mind. While strength and endurance are both essential components, there’s another crucial aspect that is very much underrated, and often overlooked: MOBILITY. Daily mobility work could very well be THE most important part of your […]

Hannes Personal Trainer

Coach Hannes: An Iconic Legacy of Inspiration!

It’s quite a bittersweet reality, having to bid farewell to a colleague who has become so much more than just a co-worker, but also a friend, confidant, and source of inspiration. But as with any story, there are several chapters, all of which must end at some point so that the next can begin, and […]

Game-Changing Ways to Use Protein Powder

BEYOND THE SHAKER BOTTLE: Game-Changing Ways to Use Protein Powder!

If you need some inspiration to find new, different and more exciting ways to put that trusty tub of protein powder to good use, look no further – try some of these protein recipes! If you’ve ever had a Personal Trainer, spoken with an athlete, or read anything related to health and fitness (especially regarding the […]

Wall Walks – How to Make Them Suck Less

Wall Walks – How to Make Them Suck Less!

WW’s are awful, almost as bad as World Wars. BUT, with a few insights, you can move them further down your blacklist. Read on to find out what Coach Marnus recommends in order to be more efficient. “Shoulder strength and mobility is absolutely crucial when it comes to managing big weights overhead. Ensure that your […]