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Weight Loss: Macronutrients Made Easy

Macronutrients Made Easy By Andy on August 09, 2018 Taking care of your body goes beyond exercise; any nutritionist or athlete will tell you that the secret to success lies not just at the gym, but in the kitchen as well. The word macronutrients might seem intimidating; it might conjure up images of detailed calorie [...]
Less Is More compound lifts

Strength Training: Less Is More – Compound Lifts

Less Is More - Focus On Compound Movements For Maximum Strength By Andy on June 07, 2018 We hear the phrase "less is more" often in our daily lives, but rarely would you think this could apply to a workout program. If someone told you that you could get more out of your daily workout [...]

Weight Loss: Juicing

Juicing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly By Andy on July 10, 2018   Juicing has become incredibly popular among many health-conscious folks in the past few years. Briefly, juicing can be done in one of 2 ways: either using ONLY juices as part of a “cleanse” in the diet or incorporating juices to [...]
From Cyclists to Golfers- Why Everyone Should Train for Strength

Strength Training: From Cyclists to Golfers

From Cyclists to Golfers: Why Everyone Should Train for Strength By Andy on June 19, 2018 Most of us have an awareness that no matter where we centre most of our athletic development -- whether it be running, cycling, golfing, tennis, swimming, and so forth -- cross training can improve our overall abilities. What we [...]
Deadlifts The Ultimate Functional Movement

Deadlifts for back pain

Deadlifts: The Ultimate Functional Movement for Lower-back Pain By Andy on November 15, 2017   “Sorry, I can’t do deadlifts. I have low back pain so I need to avoid these kinds of exercises, especially with weight.” This is a statement I’ve heard from clients MANY times over the years.  And as someone who has [...]
Cycling Running Weight Why not do them all

Functional Training: Cycling, Weights and Running – Do Them All

Cycling, Running, Weights... Why not do them all? By Hannes Loubser on December 17, 2017 You have 645 muscles in your body, and the more you use at the same time the more calories you burn, the more you can lean up and the higher you can push your heart rate and metabolism through the [...]
Move-Well-William-Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina

Strength Training: Move WELL First

As someone who has been training both individuals and groups for a LONG time, I try to say the same thing to everybody:? MOVE WELL FIRST.? Focus on that BEFORE you start to consider increasing the intensity, duration or the weight of what you are doing. EVERYBODY can Move Well There's a common misconception that [...]