Reyhana has been an athlete since almost before she can remember, starting competitive figure skating at the age of 9 and participating in softball, mountain biking, and athletics throughout her upbringing in South Africa. When she discovered CrossFit shortly after moving to Dubai, she was hooked – little did she know it would lead her to meet her husband Andy and open a gym herself!


As a CrossFit competitor, Reyhana qualified as a team athlete for the CrossFit Regionals in 2014 and 2015, and competed in the finals of the Fittest in Cape Town Competition in 2016. (Despite this, she still can’t stand people watching her lift.)


Reyhana is passionate about teaching her athletes to move well. She believes the foundation of good movement is knowing how to move your own body, so she focuses on drilling body-weight and gymnastics exercises in her coaching. Seeing the faces of her athletes as they get their first strict pull-up or muscle-up is the ultimate reward for Reyhana! Reyhana also runs Iconic Fitness’ Elements program for beginner athletes, and loves seeing “normal people” gain the confidence to try CrossFit for the first time!


Reyhana can be bribed into doing virtually anything with the promise of Tumbles or a coconut Toblerone.




CrossFit Level 1