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Weight Loss: 9 easy rules to follow to an ideal body weight

Weight Loss- 9 easy rules to follow to an ideal body weight

9 easy rules to follow to an ideal body weight – for life!

By Andy on December 02, 2015

9 easy steps to convert into daily habits and maintain a good shape all year around.

Don’t trust your feelings

You need to allow your tummy to get used to being a smaller size. It takes the body a few minutes to tell the brain that you are full, so if you eat according to your feelings you’ll always overeat. BEST ADVICE = eat only a fist size meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Load this with mostly with proteins and carbohydrates from veggies.

Meat is your friend

Ensure you load EVERY meal with either beef, fish or chicken and some veggies. ALWAYS eat the PROTEINS first and the veggies last. You don’t have to finish each and every meal, stop as soon as you are not hungry any more.

Healthy sugars are still sugars

Having juices and fruit juices may be better than fizzy drinks and donuts, but you still need to limit any sugar intake. Fruit contains sugars. Its nature’s sweets, but they are still sweets. Same goes for fruit juice. Try limiting yourself to 1 or 2 fruits / hand full of fruits a day. When you are thirsty drink water, dilute your fruit juice or have tea.

You can have alcohol! 

You have to keep in mind that alcohol is a toxin though. Enjoying a drink on a daily basis is a recipe for disaster. I prefer my clients to have a single glass of red wine or whisky (clean or with water, not with tonic) over sweet wine, red wine or beer. Try to reserve your drink with your cheat meal over the weekend when you are with friend or family. Water is still the best.

You are not a robot!

We all stress. Stress is an inflammatory response. This has a major effect on your body’s ability to function optimally. Your body functions at its best with a good night rest. 7-8 hours is a must.  This enables you to push hard during training and recover sufficiently.

You need extra help!

Ensure you supplement with omega 3 and omega 6 fish and plant oils, vitamin C and sufficient amounts of Zinc. 20 minutes outside in the sun a day won’t only get you feeling better, but also will increase endorphin levels , vitamin D levels and support bone health. This will keep your brain functioning up to par as the high protein content in your meals and decrease in carbohydrate intake will irritate your brain’s ability to process loads of info at work for lengthy times. You immune system will also be much happier.

Don’t kill your hard work!

Your body needs to tap into fat stores. NO SUGAR, SOFT DRINKS, DIET DRINKS, SWEETS, CAKES, COOKIES, CRISPS, BREAD AND STARCHES. If you REALLY crave sweets, have a slice of pineapple or a SINGLE block of dark chocolate – only one block though. Indulging in high carbohydrate foods will delay fat store digestion.

Drink lots of water

Having a water bottle or container close to your desk is ideal. The benefits of unconsciously sipping are endless. Drink as much as you want, 2-3 liters a day is ideal. Remember you are living in a desert. Drink!

Pay attention to your meals

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