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8 nutrition changes you HAVE to KNOW as a new mom

8 nutrition changes you HAVE to KNOW as a new mom

8 nutrition changes you HAVE to KNOW as a new mom

By Andy on November 11, 2015

You are what you eat, same goes for your baby.

Proper nutrition and exercise are important for each and every one. During pregnancy, this is even more important.

Last week’s blog about pregnancy and training was an absolute hit locally at Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina, and abroad.

Here is a follow up on general nutritional advice based on the questions we have received from you.

1. Do not eat for 2 – Weight gain will occur, it differs from mother to mother and it doesn’t have to be all that bad. You can still follow a healthy plan given to you by a specialist. ‘Eating for 2 people’ is just an excuse and can lead to unnecessary weight gains.

Here is a quick look at what you are expected to gain:

It’s based on your BMI before and slightly into pregnancy, as a quick guideline – to calculate your BMI = your weight (kg) / your height (m)2. 2.2 pounds to 1 kg J


And where does all the weight go?

Maternal size and amount of weight are key indicators to monitor your health and growth, so be sure to go for regular check-ups. 

2. Quantity over quality – now more than ever you need to focus on nutrient-dense foods over the amount of food. If you eat correctly, you don’t have to eat that much at all.

You are what you eat – you don’t want to give birth to a hamburger, do you?

3. Smile while you snack – don’t fight all the cravings just because you are concerned about your figure, the primary concern now is to give baby the best it can get, so snack between meals and enjoy but focus on those nutrient-dense foods rather than calorie-dense foods.

Some mothers claim that they crave what the baby needs hasn’t really been proven yet. 

4. Hear it from the grapevine – many studies say alcohol is a no go, and other studies suggest that there is a safe limit on alcohol, but not many agree on what the safe limit is. In my professional opinion I’d say alcohol is a toxin, so best leave it completely. Why take any chances at all.

5. Protein – you will have to increase your normal amount of protein from 0.8g protein per 1 kg of the body to 1.1g per kg of body weight per day. This is mainly due to all the structural changes in the body, growth support, and hormonal functioning. Not all fish varieties are unsafe for consumption – stay away from predatory fish, so if it has teeth, smile back at it and says no thank you. No raw fish whatsoever please, pass on the sushi for now.

The FDA only recommends 12 ounces of fish a week due to mercury level concerns. Animal products like meat and chicken are a complete protein, where nuts and beans are an excellent choice but not quite as complete as the animal product sources. 

6. Veggies – yes you need to have them! You need to increase your iron levels for improved oxygen transportation between cells and for little Johnny. So try to include the dark green leafy veggies every day. They also contain folic acid, to promote fetal growth and prevent constipation which is experienced in most pregnancies.

7. Vitamins and minerals – ask yourself this: if you had to build a human, what ingredients would you need? Absolutely EVERYTHING. So ensure you back up your good eating habits with supplementation. Especially vitamin D and C, calcium, folic acid, iron, zinc, and omega 3.

Probiotics are a great idea as they can be carried over to the baby and be born with a healthy digestive system.

Try including coconut oil more and more as the pregnancy commences. It helps the baby’s brain development as well as boosts the immune system. 

Not too much vitamin A, please.

8. Coffee – Caffeine is found in more than just coffee. It’s in chocolate, pain killers, medication, soft drinks, energy drinks, and tea. The less coffee the better, this may also be a good time for you to try and have less instant coffee. If you can’t manage without your coffee then 1 cup of filter coffee is your limit. Please never take that 3in1 instant coffee with the creamer and artificial sweetener included.

Keep those questions coming ladies, and congrats to all.

Coach Hannes

Iconic Fitness, Dubai Marina

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    If you’re breast-feeding, you’re giving your baby nutrients that will promote his or her growth and health. You might have questions, however, about what foods and drinks are best for you and how your diet might affect your breast milk and your baby. Yes, you might need to eat a little more about an additional 330 to 400 calories a day to give you the energy and nutrition to produce milk.

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