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Strength Training: 7 top exercises that really impact day

7 top exercises that really impact day to day life

7 top exercises that really impact day-to-day life

By Andy on September 26, 2017

Get the MOST out of your workout in the LEAST amount of time.  Below are the top 7 exercises you should be doing if you want to be better at life (and look great too)!  Each one is specifically designed to use the most muscle groups at once to burn more calories and build more muscle as fast as possible. Take a look below:  Are all of these exercises part of your plan?


The king of all exercises!  If you want to do just 1 thing to be fitter and more “functionally fit”, do squats.  Squat strengthen every single muscle in your legs, create a much stronger core and burn more calories than any other exercise on this list.  When done correctly, they are safe, effective and efficient.  Squat for Life! 


If squats are the king, then deadlifts are the queen.  Deadlifts focus specifically on all those awesome, important muscles on your posterior (your butt, your back, your hamstrings).  Nothing is more functional than a strong deadlift-  You’ll have great posture, your back will be injury-proof and you’ll have no trouble picking things up from the ground, no matter how heavy. 


If you only do one upper-body exercise, then pull ups should be it.  Pull ups are amazing at creating a beautiful shape to your body and great posture.  Studies are clear- the better your posture the more attractive others perceive you as. 

Bench Press

Ah, the bench press.  Every male who has ever hit the gym has started here. And Good News!  The bench is an awesome, complex movement with tons of benefits to how you look AND how you live your life.  A strong chest and arms doesn’t just look great, but also helps with basic movements like getting up from the ground, pushing objects around and looking good at the beach.   

Power Clean

The most complex movement on the list, but it’s worth it!  The power clean helps you train every muscle in your body which burns more calories in less time.  It’s a great way to train explosive power (an important functional tool) and get TONS done in very little time.  Who doesn’t want to do more in less? 


I often tell my clients that lunges make them better at life.  And it’s true!  If you want to get stronger, more shapely legs, lunges are a fantastic tool.  Because one leg does most of the work at a time, you can even out those natural imbalances a lot of us have.  And it focuses on the muscles in your thighs and butt, the ones that look great and help us do just about everything.  If you’ve ever done 50 lunges, you also know just how high your heart rate gets, the best for burning away unwanted fat. 


The last exercise on this list has been a staple exercise for as long as humans have been exercising.  Besides proving you have full control over your body weight, push ups are one of the best core exercises out there!  If you are able to complete a full rep without dropping to your knees or having your hips sink to the floor, you already have those abs of steel you’re looking for.

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