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7 minute core conditioning

7 minute core conditioning

By Andy on November 11, 2015

The quick and effective routine that prepares you for everything!

As the year enters the last quarter there is a variety of outdoor events happening in Dubai. Fitness competitions, triathlons, night runs, and warrior challenges. Not to mention more and more active people running, swimming, and cycling outdoors now due to the change in weather.

All these activities can be enjoyed so much more when one is well prepared. A strong core is a big step in the right direction. If you could choose one area that caters to all activities – the core would be right up there.

This 7-minute abs and core conditioning routine can be used in preparation for any activity.

The exercises in this specific order to target the core isometrically and in a dynamic fashion throughout the whole routine, different forces your core will experience in all activities.

Try each exercise for 1 minute each, as you get better at this you may even complete a set without stopping.

You can stretch and rest in between, but don’t wait any longer than 30 seconds in between exercises as the core is known to be fatigue resistant and needs to be pushed every 30 seconds in order to condition it correctly.

The main rule is, you have to keep smiling throughout the whole routine.


  1. Weighted Albert abs – 1 min.

Lay down on your back with the weighted ball in front of your face. Start with either a 14 lbs or 20 lbs ball. Imagine that you have a rope tied around your neck and you are being pulled straight up. This is NOT a crunch movement where a light forward action is applied. Aim straight upwards.

2. Elbow slams – 1 min

Get into a plank position with both your elbows close to the center of the ball. Start with feet close together, the wider you put your feet, the easier the exercise. Alternate between lifting the left and right elbows for 2 seconds off the ball. You need to squeeze the gluteus and suck that core in deep in order to maintain your balance here.

If you are struggling with staying up or keep rolling off the ball, ensure that your elbows aren’t too wide and that they are both at the center of the ball.

3. Russian twists – 1 min

This is a good old trustworthy one! Start off with the ball close to your chest. Elevate the feet off the floor and rotate sideways. Ensure you place the ball softly on the floor with every repetition – simply rotating and waving the ball sideways isn’t targeting the core as deep as placing the ball on the floor. Keep your feet steady with each and every repetition.

4. Knee slams – 1 min

Start off with your arms extended in a plank position on top of the ball. While squeezing the abs and core try to get your knee into the ball as hard and fast as possible. Emphasis is placed on really getting your knee in there hard, sacrifice speed between reps in order to perform real hard pounding into the ball than rushing through this and not using the hip flexors to the max.

5. 1-minute ball plank – 1 min 🙂

Place both your elbows on the ball, feet far apart is slightly easier and feet together is a real challenge, lift one leg off the floor to really test your abilities. Keep the back flat, squeeze the gluteus, and suck in that core. Don’t relax the hips or the shoulders or you will overload the lower back, so keep it all tight!

6. Elbow push-ups – 1 min

This is a tricky one – start off with a plank position in front of the ball. Ensure the gluteus and core and shoulders are tight. Now push up one hand at a time until your arms are fully extended. From here place both hands on the ball one at a time. This is the top position, from here take one hand down at a time and go down on one elbow at a time.

     7. Elevated feet planks – 1 min

Last one! Place both feet on the ball, no wide feet here I’m afraid. Keep gluteus, core and shoulders squeezed and the back as straight as possible. Keep telling yourself that this is the last exercise!

Think you can handle more? Try increasing the time to 2 minutes each as well as adding a few sets.

Have you got any specific core and stability needs? Let me know…..

Coach Hannes

Crossfit Duo, Dubai Marina