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6 Steps to Recovery from the CrossFit Competition

6 Steps to Recovery from the CrossFit Competition

6 Steps to Recovery from the CrossFit Competition

By Andy on March 27, 2016, last updated Jan 16th, 2023

A  couple of weeks ago I shared my 6 top tips on working up to a CrossFit competition. How do you feel, did any of the tips work for you? I bet you asking yourself, so what do I do now post competition?

Personally, I like to follow these easy steps for an easier recovery and getting back into training.

#1 – Magnesium

I call these my “magic pills” They are an excellent supplement for muscle recovery and heal achy muscles.

#2 – Rest

I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to listen to your body. Your body has just taken a beating from the CrossFit competition and needs to rest. On average you need at least 1 day to rest and recover.

Here is a very easy to follow and handy active recovery sequence you can do.

#3 – Go for light massage

Seriously! You have no idea how much stress we carry in our back and we only realize it once the missuses are kneading out those knots in your back. You will feel amazing afterwards.

#4 – Soak in EPSOM salts

Many marathon and tri-athletes swear by this natural remedy. It’s a great source to relax and de-stress in a bath of just 1 cup of Epsom salt. It’s also another reason to just layback, get your face steamed up and let your thoughts melt away.

#5 – Sleep

Researchers say an active body needs at least 6 hours sleep to fully recharge. I like my 6-hour sleep at night plus a bonus 20 min catnap during the day.

#6 – Eat nutrition dense food

I like to opt for eating leafy green vegetables and salmon. Salmon is packed with loads of omega fats, the healthy kind. Did you know omega fats such as avocados, tuna, mackerel and sardines act as a natural lubricant for your joints? That’s awesome! Remember to include at least 1 piece of fish into your regular diet and you will feel great!

Follow my easy steps and you will be back out there signing up for the next competition!