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6 Steps leading to a CrossFit Competition


By Andy on March 19, 2016

Last weekend I participated in an annual CrossFit competition that took place over 2 days and I’m often asked, “How do you prepare for a competition? “

There are many factors that can influence your performance at a competition. PREPARATION is key followed by good food and rest. Here are my top 6 tips to ensure you perform at your best:

Set goals

If you have a goal you’d like to achieve, write it down and share it with your coach. Be specific, realistic, and set a deadline. For example, I’d like to row 250m under 1 min before the end of December. Once you have a clear vision of your goal, it will be so much easier for you to achieve them.

Know your weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, it’s natural. It’s important to focus on all elements of training such as strength and cardiovascular. Whether you are a strong lifter or good at gymnastics, it’s important to practice all components and movements of CrossFit.

Have a De-load week

De-load means reducing the amount of training volume at least 1 week before the competition. Meaning, if you have been lifting heavy working up to the event, reduce the amount of weight and lower the intensity of the training.

Carbo Load

There have been many rumors and myths about eating carbs before a competition. Personally, I believe if you eat the correct carbs in moderation you can still perform at your best. My favourite carb meal is steak with sweet potato fries! Yummm!!!!


Get enough zzz’s! This is a great opportunity for your body to recharge and replenish itself. It also allows your mind to remain calm and stress-free.

Snack & food prep

It’s always good to eat a dense and protein-packed breakfast such as eggs and salmon at least 2 hours before and /or perhaps a protein shake 1 hour before the competition. It helps control the insulin and hormone levels plus is a perfect way to fuel your body. Another tip is to prepare your snacks the night before. I prefer to pack a handful of raw almond nuts, coconut water (to help replace my electrolytes) a banana, chunks of pineapple, and a protein bar.

Most of all enjoy the competition! It’s the only way you can take in the experience and learn from it. Remember it’s you versus you! You are your own competition.