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4 sets in 4 weeks to increase mobility and sweat!

4 sets in 4 weeks to increase mobility and sweat!

By Andy on November 26, 2015

A unique and challenging way to get to your goal, stay fit, and increase mobility.

This is the 2nd workout as part of our ‘Creative exercises That Do EVERYTHING’ group.


This workout combines flexibility and mobility training and pushes you all the way in shooting that heart rate up.

Each set is only done once. Try your best to complete 1 set before resting.

If some exercises seem new and strange to you, simply click on the exercise name to see a video demo.

Set 1

10 forward and 10 back ward Inch worms – followed by 20 Burpees

1 minute Bear crawls – followed by 20 Thrusters

20 Dead bug per arm – followed by 20 Burpees and 20 Thrusters



Set 2

20 Spider push ups followed by 30 jumping squats

20 forward and 20 backward Crab walks followed by 20 plyo push-ups

20 Side crab walks per side followed by 30 squat jumps and 20 plyo push-ups



Set 3

20 Frog walks followed by 100 mountain climbers , nice and quick ones 🙂

10 Armageddon frog jumps followed by 50 bent knee tricep dips

20 Bunny hops followed by 100 mountain climbers and 50 dips



Set 4

Side plank walks followed by 100 crunches

30 Military crawls followed by 100 reverse crunches

Duck walks followed by 100 crunches and 100 reverse crunches


Complete these 4 sets once a week for 4 weeks and you WILL move a lot better.

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Dubai Marina