Month: April 2020

Strength Training: Move WELL First

As someone who has been training both individuals and groups for a LONG time, I try to say the same thing to everybody:? MOVE WELL FIRST.? Focus on that BEFORE you start to consider increasing the intensity, duration or the weight of what you are doing. EVERYBODY can Move Well There's a common misconception that [...]

Different Intensities IMPROVE Recovery

In part one we touched on active recovery and the main idea behind achieving your goals the fastest way possible without risking overdoing it. The underlying main theme of movement heals and daily movement playing a major part in recovery. In this 2nd edition we are taking a closer look at how different intensities can [...]

CrossFit: Do Every Rep. Every Time.

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do. Carl Jung This quote is certainly applicable to our every day lives, but today, let's talk about it in terms of your own fitness training- namely, why you should do EVERY REP, EVERY TIME. What is Your Score? CrossFit has come up with an [...]