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10 Ways To Improve Your Burpees

10 Ways To Improve Your Burpees

By Andy on June 30, 2016

Now you will also smile after burpees.

Most of our members at the Iconic Fitness gym in Dubai Marina (99.99% of all humans) hate burpees. But just because they are tough right?

The way I see it there are two ways to make burpees easier :

One is to do plenty of them and establish the correct movement pattern in your system. Once they become second nature and you have been wired correctly you’ll actually start saving energy as you charge through them.

The second option is to expose yourself to different kinds of burpees that will help you adjust and condition the many wonderful small things that happen during a burpee.

Coaches at Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina, don’t use burpees for punishment because you had that one glass of wine too many or lack of creativity in program design. We use burpees because it targets the whole arm, chest, and shoulders on the negative movement/breaking movement on the way down, engaging your core and glutes to keep the back straight. And once you leave the floor your hip flexors and abs fire into action at the same time your chest, arms and shoulders are called into action for the second time during the same repetition just before your largest muscles your glutes power you upwards.

Oh and don’t forget that the cardiovascular system is working hard to burn your pipes clean and eat at your fat stores.

And when you get good at them while others fall behind, it feels really good!

So here are 10 additional burpees you can add to your arsenal to further strengthen the shoulder and arm stability, speed, and stamina. Burpees are no longer just burpees.

Coach Hannes

Iconic Fitness, Dubai Marina