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1 Exercise For All Core And Abs needs

1 Exercise For All Core And Abs needs

Include this exercise at the end of any workout to round off the abdominal and core conditioning and improve your performance and good looks.

Introducing the Moss ball exercises

  • Start off by lying on your back and supporting your neck with legs at 90 degree
  • The angle of your knees and elevated chest will allow you to round your back into the floor and serve as additional safety for the lower back.
  • To best activate all your ab and core muscles, you need to suck in your belly button into your spine as best you can. Also tighten your abs in a similar fashion to when someone would punch you in the stomach. Do this throughout the whole exercise to maximize control and stability. This will cut through all the abdominal layers for maximal benefit as seen below.
  • The first movement is a reverse crunch, as the hips drop use the momentum to allow your chest to come up into a crunch.
  • Engage the oblique / muscles at your sides in order to move sideways.
  • Small controlled movements are preferred over lumpy long movements.
  • One full rotation of the body counts as one repetition.
  • Be sure to change direction after every rep.
  • Try to complete 10 reps of the moss ball after any pre-described / planned abs workout.

If you don’t have an abs workout of your own yet the try the 7 minute core conditioning and add the moss ball exercise at the end.

Coach Hannes

Iconic Fitness, Dubai Marina