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Iconic Fitness Dubai Marina - Embrace the NEW YOU!

Weight Loss

Are you looking to shed some pounds and get into that lean shape you desire, we have helped many of our clients reach this objective. See the programs we offer that will help you achieve this goal and maintain your overall health.

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Personal Training

At Iconic we understand our clients have specific goals from fixing their lower back, to having a dedicated personal trainer as well as going through a full body transformation! Learn more about the specialised training we offer!

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CrossFit and Strength

If you after building hard and strong muscles we have you covered. We prioritise strength training and have focused programs to ensure our clients come out the other side stronger and fitter then before!

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Our Success Stories

Robert Harker featured image

Robert Harker

Previous struggles

I use to struggle with diet and discipline. I was very stressed and busy at...
Anna Rolf featured image

Anna Rolf

Nutrition plan

I am proud to say that for the first time ever I can look at this quote and...
Ghadeer Jaamour Eita featured image

Ghadeer Jaamour Eita

Service and experience

Without you?Hannes, and the positive energy from the 2 ladies training with...
Joe Dagher featured image

Joe Dagher

Service and experience

I would definitely recommend Iconic Fitness to anybody who asks. First of a...
Dimitris Vergos featured image

Dimitris Vergos

Low Back Fix

"These guys at Iconic have training down to a science, explaining all the m...
Ahmed Safadi featured image

Ahmed Safadi

Transformation and Injury Rehab

"Hannes you are a magician, for the first time in 10 years I can run withou...


Strength Training: Move WELL First

  As someone who has been training both individuals and groups for a LONG ...

April 27, 2020

Different Intensities IMPROVE Recovery

  In part one we touched on ?active recovery? and the main idea behind ach...

April 01, 2020

CrossFit: Do Every Rep. Every Time.

  ?You are what you do, not what you say you?ll do.? ? Carl Jung This...

April 01, 2020

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