Oreo moved to Dubai from South Africa almost a decade ago to work as a flight attendant with Emirates. As she struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst her hectic travel schedule, she stumbled across CrossFit and quickly realized that a career change was in order! Active both inside and outside the gym, Oreo uses her own CrossFit training to support hobbies including mountain biking, downhill skiing, and Vespa riding!


Oreo values the relationships she builds with each and every one of her clients, and loves bringing fun into the gym alongside hard work. Oreo is forever grateful to the legions of gym members who have been unable to pronounce her actual name (“Au-rey-lee-ah”), resulting in her being permanently renamed after a biscuit.


Oreo prides herself on being a go-to resource for all things related to fitness fashion and footwear, and may or may not own the largest Nike MetCon collection in the greater Middle East.




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